Create your own BTWL event

Pick a high-profile time and place to meet. It might be The Tate Modern, The Empire State or The Sydney Opera House. Invite your guests to dress up. (see Notes below).

We suggest you create the following -

QUOTATION CARDS - a deck to inspire your guests and the unsuspecting public. Pick a card and read the quotation out out while standing tall, maybe on a park bench or a cafe chair. Passionate conversation will follow.

CHANCE CARDS – a chance to rise to a challenge like ‘Loudly tell three people you love them’ with all the advantages of being drunk as an excuse for your expanded behaviour.

IMPRO CARDS – Directions to the whole group. EG ’For the next 5 minutes be curious about everything, find everything fascinating and express your sense of excitement’. Also included are improvisation games, EG ‘For the next 5 minutes when anyone stands another person must sit down. Begin with half the group standing and half sitting’.

Notes. BTWL events are most powerful early in the morning. Lunchtime also works though it requires more sustained acting. At 10am people just assume you’ve been up all night, later they’ll need more convincing, in order to grant you the required Licence to Live.


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