The joy of staying up all night, without losing any sleep. We get to bed early on Saturday and meet early on Sunday morning, dressed as if we’ve been partying hard at The Ritz. We are …

  • Enjoying the social advantages of appearing to be happily inebriated, in an elegantly dishevelled way.
  • Licensing each other to laugh riotously in public.
  • Broadcasting our heartfelt values to the world. Love! Loyalty! Freeeedom!
  • Advocating adventure and serenading serendipity.

We wholeheartedly demand that the world applauds our magnificence and provides us with an entertaining breakfast !¬†¬†After cavorting in the streets for a while we find a cafe that will happily accommodate us all – Giraffe on London’s South Bank know us well now and love our visits.
















































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